About Fanwer , What we are doing~

About Fanwer , What we are doing~

Fanwer is a professional brand of life aids for the elderly. It can solve the problem that the elderly's waist is stiff and cannot be bent. It can help people with inflexible fingers to solve the troubles in life. It also helps the arm to be inflexible to reach a position that the body cannot reach.

Older adults, persons with disabilities, and folks recovering from injury can all benefit from daily living aids products to make everyday tasks easier.

From bathroom aids and toilet aids to kitchen gadgets and dressing auxiliary tool products, there are plenty of independent living aids that can help folks go about their daily routine easily and safely.

They also make practical gift ideas. Looking to save some money while you're making life easier?

Be sure to check out our products to aging well on a shoestring budget.

The following are some of our featured products. To find more products in this field, please visit our online store on Amazon. We have two brands, namely Fanwer and Wefaner.

Zipper Pull/Button Hook
Price: $5.9 from Amazon

Button Hook

For older adults who need a little help with zippers and buttons, this Fanwer  combination tool can make the daily routine of dressing a little easier.

Toilet Tissue Aids
Price: $9.99 from Amazon
Toilet Aids Tools
Designed to help people who find it difficult to bend, turn and reach, this toilet aid allows the user to be more self-sufficient in and around their own homes. It empowers individuals to complete the wiping function safely and effectively with dignity.

Detachable and Adjustable Shoe Horn
Price: $11.99 from Amazon
Detachable and Adjustable ABS Light 29.8 Inch Long Shoe Horn
It can be spliced to fit your length,Fanwer Detachable and Adjustable, one shoehorn achieves 4 Sizes can choose: 29.8inch/76cm; 22.8inch/58cm; 18.9inch/48cm; 11.8inch/30cm; This long-handled shoehorn is consistent with the principles of ergonomics, that makes you much comfortable to grip.


Sock Aid
Price: $13.99 from Amazon
sock aids
Bending over and putting on a sock may not be a big deal for younger people, but it can be extremely difficult for those with limited mobility. Independent living aids such as the Fanwer Socks Auxiliary Tool help you get dressed without bending over.

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Is Fanwer accepting outside product ideas.
If so I have a sell sheet and a video link for your review.
This is in reference to a new dressing aid product.
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Research and Development
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John D'Annunzio

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