Reviewer Wanted & Fanwer Freebie

Reviewer wanted: this position is a dual-role position with free products from Fanwer. Fanwer aims at bringing the world more care and convenience. We’re expanding fast, thus we need ones familiar with product review to help us review the products. It is to guarantee the quality of our products and the sales-service level. Meanwhile, many are asking about Fanwer freebie on internet, thus this page is responding the question.

This is not a formal job, but it may change as we cooperate further.

You get free products, and we get real reviews

If you plan to purchase our products, here’s an opportunity to get them free of charge. Here are the steps you should follow to get the free products.

  • Purchase the product you want to make reviews;
  • We get the order and ship out the product;
  • You receive the product and create draft reviews posts or videos;
  • You publish the posts or videos on social media or other platforms;
  • Send us the links;
  • We refund you;
  • You get free products;


The reviewer is responsible for product reviews, as an exchange, we offer free products.

  • Better experiencing in product reviews;
  • Familiar with review contents’ types;


After establishing long-term cooperative relationship, the reviewer can be our after-sales agent.

We can set up affiliate account (or you can register our affiliate program) or Amazon attribute tags for you. It's a win-win cooperation.