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A4 Size Extra Large Magnifying Glass

A4 Size Extra Large Magnifying Glass

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  • MATERIAL: This A4 size extra large magnifying glass is made out of Flexible Pvc Material.Large full page fresnel magnifying sheet with the black vinyl frame, A4 paper size,3X (300%) Page Magnifying Lens, Lightweight, High-quality clear lens
  • PERFECT GIFT: Our glass magnifier is a flexible plastic sheet that acts like a large magnifying glass. Lightweight, easy to carry. Ultra-thin can simply be put in your pocket and taken anywhere. This full-page magnifying glass is a perfect gift for the elderly and people with poor eyesight.
  • PERFECT QUALITY: Large, full-page Fresnel magnifying film with a black vinyl frame. Professional quality magnifying lenses. Ideal for reading maps and newspapers, repairing equipment, carving handicrafts, sewing, knitting, etc.
  • DURABLE & MOBILE: Made of flexible PVC material. It's light and won't break. High-quality clear lenses are ideal for reading small prints in books, magazines, newspapers, documents, maps, encyclopedias, etc.
  • EASY READING: The magnifying sheet is ideal for reading the fine print on cards, instructions, or books and has the ability to enlarge entire pages. With 3x magnification, you can view the full page for books, magazines, newspapers, and maps. A page enlargement sheet, Soft and portable.

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