11 Ways to Lend a Hand to the Seniors in Your Neighborhood

11 Ways to Lend a Hand to the Seniors in Your Neighborhood

Seniors often rely on community support for help with the daily challenges of aging-in-place. If you’re looking for ways to get involved in your community, consider reaching out to local seniors and offering a hand. Seniors in your community may need help with any number of tasks, big and small. Think about how you can use your available time or skills to assist a local senior through some of the challenges they’re facing today. Here are some ideas!

Make Daily Life Easier

Daily life doesn’t have to be a struggle. From helping with home modifications to installing tech tools, there are many ways you can help the seniors in your neighborhood live more comfortably.


Offer Financial Guidance


Seniors have to navigate all kinds of challenging financial situations, especially when it comes to planning for their future care needs.


  • If they’re thinking about selling their home, help them estimate their potentialhome sale proceeds.
  • Offer to help seniors create a budget for living comfortably on a fixed income.
  • Research different Medicare plansand help them choose one that makes the most sense for their finances and health.
  • Make sure seniors know how to identify and respond to financial elder abuse.


Encourage Activity and Socialization


Seniors who remain active and social are less likely to experience various age-related mental and physical issues. Look for ways to help the seniors in your community get out of the house!


  • Try launching a senior’s fitness class at your local community center.
  • Help a local senior get involved in a new hobby and connect with others who can teach them
  • Encourage seniors to enroll in continuing education classes online or in local post-secondary institutions.


Aging-in-place can be challenging. Sadly, many seniors have no relatives living nearby who can lend a hand when things get tough. Offering a hand to local seniors is a great way to give back to the people in your neighborhood and cultivate a sense of community support!


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