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  • Stacy S., fanwer

    Stacy S.

    Helpful for Recovery. This has been really helpful for me as I recover from an ankle injury. I think it’s pretty snug, or maybe it just feels that way. It is helpful for taking pressure off your heel and I think it’s a good product.

  • fanwer's customer, wendy

    Wendy Renfrow

    Great after recent back surgery. This tool was easy to use great for whipping and then use the other end to flush after. I couldn't bend or twist after my back surgery and this little tool allowed me to keep my back straight.

  • fanwer's client, mama attachment


    This may be my absolute favorite product that I have purchased for caring for my grandmother. The shower bag is amazing. She says the basin is very comfortable and I can see that she fully relaxes into it hen I'm washing and rinsing her hair.

  • Jeremy Ahrens, Fanwer, fanwer toilet aids tool

    Jeremy Ahrens

    Best purchase I made. Being over 300lbs has limited my ability to wipe my own ass. This product has giving me my pride back and now can use the bathroom on my own without asking someone to please clean me up.

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