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Fanwer Dressing Aid for Pants & Socks for Elderly, Disabled, Seniors or Pregnant Women

Fanwer Dressing Aid for Pants & Socks for Elderly, Disabled, Seniors or Pregnant Women

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  • Scope of usage: This dressing aid for pants & socks is for the elderly, disabled, seniors, or pregnant women. As a matter of fact, this combination of alternatives of wings-pants dressing aid and sock donner are mainly for users' mobility aid. Its slider kits work well with most types of socks - casual ones or athletic ones. But it's not suitable for compression stockings.

fanwer dressing aid for pants & socks for elderly, disabled, seniors or pregnant women, sock aid demo

  • Users groups: The sock slider-in dressing aid tool can help users with sliding socks on their feet without having to bend over, twist, or turn over their bodies. For instance, the seniors, elderly, disabled or most commonly seen, or those suffering from arthritis have got limited flexibility and restrained reach, while this combination of sock aid and pants aid group assists users in regaining independence by allowing users to easily put on and take off your pants and/ or socks without assistance from outsiders. This combination is perfect for users with mobility limitations, injuries, or pregnancy.
  • Special material: The sock aid tool is covered with terry cloth for a gentle yet firm grip on your socks that lets you easily pull them up without tearing apart the fabric and material.
  • Large loop handles: the large loop handles make it easier for users to grip and pull the socks and pants without releasing too much power. The sock slider device to help users put socks on can be gripped gently in users' hands. And the steps of using the pulling strap of the trousers are as follow:
  • step1 - fasten the clip on the pants. step2 - put your feet in your pants. step3 - pull up the pants, Avoid bending over, you can easily wear pants with one hand.
  • Application Circumstances: This combination of products are great for pulling up underwear, pants, boxers, or skirt on your hands. While the sock slider kit will help users slide socks on without bending over, twisting, or turning their bodies.
  • Users targeted: arthritis sufferers, expectant mothers, those in the status of post-surgery, injury recovery, or limited mobility.
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