Finally an assistive device that actually assists: Part 1

Finally an assistive device that actually assists: Part 1

I suffer from chronic back pain caused by arthritis, bulging discs in my spine, and several other spinal complications. I am in constant pain and as anyone with back problems or many other chronic issues knows, the easiest task can suddenly seem impossible. I was having problems getting my shoes on even using a regular shoehorn because I had to twist and bend my back, which caused my back to hurt even more.

I had no idea where to turn, so I began looking for some help and hopeful relief. I purchased the Premium Long-handled Shoe Lifter Adjustable Shoehorn from Fanwer and it is a must-have for anyone having any problems bending over to get their shoes on.

It has an extendable handle that adjusts quickly and easily from 16” to 31”, allowing you to put on your shoes without difficulty and without having to bend over the slightest bit, what more can you ask for from a shoehorn? I’m 6’2” tall, so I have a great deal of difficulty finding anything that is made to suit my height, including medical equipment. So to happen upon something othat is actually made to accomodate my height is absolutely amazing! And you may be thinking that if it works for someone as tall as me, then it’s not going to work for you because you’re not that tall, but remember, it has an extendable handle so it works for almost all heights.

Have you ever had difficulty using a shoehorn because it’s so stiff, or is that just me? I always felt a bit challenged using my old one because it was too firm and didn’t give any when I was trying to get my short booties on. The Fanwer Premium Long-handled Shoe Lifter Adjustable Shoehorn even managed to fix that problem for me. They used a very strong spring connection design to connect the handle to the shoehorn. The spring connection is strong for durability but allows the shoehorn to bend under your heel when needed to accommodate stiffer or higher heels in some dress shoes, short booties and many other types of popular shoes we all like to wear. The traditional shoehorn made it very difficult for me to manage getting my heel in my favorite pair of shortie boots.

All these scientifically designed components come together to make a state of the art shoehorn that’s sole purpose is to help make my life easier. If Fanwer is willing to invest in supplying this type of high quality medical device just to help me get my shoes on with less effort and pain, then I trust this company is truly in business to make my life easier, so I plan on trying some of their other items. I trust a company that is willing to truly invest in helping me and I feel that Fanwer is in business to help me have a more “normal” life.


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