Assistive Devices that Actually Assist: Part 2 The Folding Squatting Toilet Stool

Assistive Devices that Actually Assist: Part 2 The Folding Squatting Toilet Stool

I decided to purchase the Folding Squatting Toilet Stool from Fanwer because I was having a lot of issues with constipation again. It was becoming more and more difficult to have a bowel movement. I was telling my sister about my problem and she quickly chimed in that she and her family have one and absolutely love it! She highly

recommended this one in particular because of it’s numerous features.
I looked it up as I have bought other items from Fanwer, so I had no concerns that it wouldn’t be a quality item, but just to check it out. I decided immediately to order it and it arrived within a couple of days, which was wonderful. I didn’t know a toilet stool could possibly even have so many features. It sounded amazing! It was the cutest little thing with the pig nose in the center. It looked more like a child’s step stool than a toilet aide, which I appreciated. I was a little embarrassed that I needed a squatting toilet stool anyway, so to have it not look quite like an assistive device for my bathroom time was a definite plus for me! Our house is older (built in the 1940’s or there about) so our bathroom is rather small and kind of tight quarters, so I was thrilled that it folded up so neatly. I was able to fold it up and store it beside the toilet for easy access, but still allowing the bathroom to look tidy and uncluttered. I was also amazed that it had a hidden compartment under the pig nose to place an air freshener. How clever! I found the small air fresheners in a can made to slide under car seats or pouring some of the nice smelling air freshening beads works best. Here, take a

look at all of the features.
And the most important thing, IT WORKS! I have suffered from constipation from time to time since I have been taking pain medication for my back. Before getting the Fanwer Folding Squatting Toilet Stool, going to the bathroom always included a lot of straining and many times I would leave without any success. The squatting toilet stool

allowed me to better position my rectum so that I could more easily pass my stool.

Now when I need to have a bowel movement, I don’t dread heading to the toilet. I just sit down, unfold my squatting toilet stool and wait for it to happen. No more painful straining! Not to get too graphic, but now that my rectum is better positioned the stool passes through much more easily! I can’t explain all the mechanics behind it, but I just know it works. If you are having problems in the bathroom, you should definitely consider THIS squatting toilet stool, you will not regret it!

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