Finally, an Assistive Device That Actually Assists! - Part 3 - Extendable Back Scratcher with Built-in Ear-pick

Finally, an Assistive Device That Actually Assists! - Part 3 - Extendable Back Scratcher with Built-in Ear-pick

Even though Spring is almost here and we’ve had a few warm days here and there, I am still fighting with the dry skin I get all over during the Winter. I use lotion where I can reach to combat this problem, but I just can’t reach my back all over. Unfortunately, I seem to constantly  have an itch somewhere on my back that I just can’t reach. Thankfully, I believe I have finally won the battle over the annoying back itch! I found the perfect back scratcher on Fanwer - the Extendable Back Scratcher

with Built-in Ear-pick.

The Fanwer Extendable Back Scratcher is great! It is able to get to those hard to reach places on my back and shoulders that I just can not manage anymore. I can remember when I was young, I could fold one arm over my shoulder and the other behind my back and clasp my fingers in the middle. Well, those days are far, far behind me, so I am lucky, some days, if I can scratch my shoulder, let alone the middle of my

back (lol). Thank goodness for the extendable handle on this back scratcher!

I can easily reach my shoulder blades as well as the middle of my back with this handy back scratcher. No more asking my husband to scratch my back for me and go through the frustrating “No, not there. A little to the left. Ok, a little to the right. No, your other right! Oh, you almost had it.” problem. Now, I can reach all my itchy spots all on my own. 


Many times I go to look for my extendable back scratcher only to find that my husband has grabbed it to use it himself. I have no problem sharing, but it rarely ever finds it’s way back where I left it (but that, Ladies, is a discussion for another day, isn’t it?!). It’s so handy and reasonably priced that I have even gone back and ordered a few more so my husband has his own and I even have extras in places I usually find myself

needing it.

My husband was thrilled to have his own back scratcher and he loves the attached ear-pick! One thing I particularly like about the ear-pick is that it screws in rather than just slides into the end of the back scratcher, so it stays in securely and isn’t always falling out and getting separated from the back scratcher itself. It’s perfect for those itches down in your ear, but be careful as it is stainless steel and can damage your ear if misused. It also works great to clean your ear. 

The Extendable Back Scratcher with Built-in Ear-Pick is a definite winner in my book! It is convenient, light-weight, useful and inexpensive, all in one. Who could ask more of any assistive device? Well, that’s just my two cents worth on it, but I definitely recommend your giving this Fanwer item a try, You won’t regret it!

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