At some point in life, especially the elderly need technical assistance to compensate for their hearing difficulties. At the same time, the range of hearing systems is extensive and constantly growing, so there is the right device for everyone. In addition, various professional providers offer their customers reliable advice and a wealth of information on various options.

      Which hearing aid suits me? 

Hearing aids located behind the ear

The device with the microphone and speaker is worn behind the ear

The amplified signal is fed through a small, transparent tube into the ear canal.

Advantage: higher wearing comfort due to less obstruction of the ear canal


Hearing aids in the ear

The compact device is worn in the ear

Advantage: less visible due to wearing in the ear canal

Due to the difference in the anatomy of the ear canal, this variant is not suitable for all patients

The functionality of the device is equally good for both types, so choosing the right device is an individual decision that everyone has to make for themselves. Both devices are individually tailored to personal needs. Devices can achieve very different results in similar technical conditions. It is best to try different models to get an impression. Before buying a hearing aid, a hearing test should be performed, which can later be used for orientation. This can provide a rough insight into the degree of hearing loss and the basis for deciding which device to choose.

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