Potential sources of danger for falls in old age and how to eliminate them

With a few helpful tips, you can help seniors maintain independence and mobility without fear of falls and injuries that pose a serious public health problem in old age.

Potential sources of danger for falls in old age and how to eliminate them :

  • Obstacles in passages and raised thresholds
  • Always keep passages and corridors passable, remove all superfluous and unnecessary things and bumps
  • Grease and water on the floor Immediately wipe the substrate with a cloth and by appropriate means
  • Unsecured carpets, sliding (next to beds, in bathrooms, etc.)
  • Replace them with non-slip
  • Toilets and shower trays Install handrails that make lifting easier

           toilet and provide stability in the shower.

  • Poor lighting Introduce good lighting, especially next to the bed,

          to prevent night falls and injuries

  • Accidental falls from the bed when getting up due to

          inappropriate height of the sides of the bed

  • Replace the bed with one of appropriate height at

          causing the feet to reach the floor when sitting

  • Wheelchairs replace them with stable chairs appropriately height, with the feet completely leaning on the floor
  • Stumbling on your own clothes and slippery shoes
  • Dress in clothes of appropriate size at why the feet will not get stuck on the edges.
  • Wear shoes that keep the foot stable in the ankle and which does not slip
  • Slippery floors  move carefully and follow each step
  • Move near walls to make a case needs had a foothold
  • Visual impairment wear sunglasses of appropriate diopter
  • Stick to the handrails while climbing or go down the stairs
  • Don't carry a lot of things with you
  • Orthopedic aids (rod, crutch, walker, etc.)
  • Use an appropriate orthopedic device and always seek professional help around his procurement and use

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