Today's Recommendation: Spring Retractable Shoehorn

Today's Recommendation: Spring Retractable Shoehorn

A shoehorn or shoe horn is a tool with a short handle that flares into a longer spoon-like head meant to be held against the inside back of a snug-fitting shoe so that a person can slide the heel easily along its basin to the inner sole.

Shoehorns have the same basic shape but the length or strength of the handle varies. Long-handled shoe horns are necessary for longer boots, while shoe horns with sturdy handles are useful for putting on boots or heavy iron shoes. They are sometimes used by people who, because of less flexible joints, wish to reduce straining or bending.

Shoe horns have a few important purposes:

  • They protect your footwear
  • shorten the time required for shoe removal
  • limit unnecessary bending and straining

For senior citizens, this last purpose is particularly important—various mobility issues can make putting on footwear a pain in the neck (or back).

We carried out researches on some of the most popular shoe horns, including extra-long ones that allow seniors to slip their shoes on and off easily.

shoe horn

The following is one of our best shoe horns on the market and its features that set it apart. If you’re having trouble making a decision, you can check the details on our website and our Amazon store.


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