Successful Communication with The Elderly

Successful Communication with The Elderly

Today we share some successful communication with the elderly:

a) Listening, To show her that we are listening by looking into her eyes, giving non-verbal signs, eg nodding her head, that we are truly hearing her, by removing external and internal interference from careful listening (noise, telephone, looking at the clock, etc.)

b) The way of speaking: in a way that we pay attention to what and how we speak, loudly, clearly, slowly, facing the person we are talking to, using understandable sentences and words, in a way adapted to the person's condition (hearing, sight, cognitive functions)

c) Patience: a person should not be rushed due to his slowness, which can be extremely frustrating.

 d) Ignorance: Sometimes it will be necessary to apply the method of ignoring, if he tries to attract the attention of others in an inappropriate way, the person is not ignored, but his inappropriate behavior (eg the person in the hospital demands to be first in line, to avoid arguments and "litigation" with it, we should ignore the behaviors of a senile person who does no harm to her or others, appropriate behaviors should be rewarded with praise, a smile, or a short conversation.)

e) Respect and acceptance: we should be flexible and respect to the differences between people, just like younger people are different. So for older people, we should not try to change their personality traits of aged 70 or 80.

Above are the 5 methods that we share today, hope that you can get something from it. We will share more article in the comming weeks related to the eldery care topics.

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