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Best Foot Pillows for Pressure Sores in 2023

During the process of daily caregiving, among the wound care cases that we’ve gathered for research, the most common sore position for bedridden patients is not only the caudal-sacral area above the buttocks but also the ankle and heel pressure sore area that is easily ignored. 

In one case, an elderly woman was left with pressure sores on her ankles and heels after lying in the same position for a long time period. What’s more, years of diabetes also make the care job complicated.

After consulting many nurses that whether there are ways to avoid pressure sores on the heels of bedridden patients due to disability or similar physical illnesses. Many nurses and even several doctors that we know of, say, that the heels shouldn’t touch the surface of the bedding -- a so-called "floating heel" or “suspended heel”.

Why do we need such foot pillows for the heels?

Heel pressure sores are usually applied on bedridden users who are confined to bed for a long time. The heel part is more vulnerable than your imagination. If you’ve got severe problems with your ankle or the heel, you may need to lie in bed for a long time. As time goes by, maybe the part of your feet that make contact with the bedding will get congested due to blocked blood circulation. This will be likely to lead to pressure sores or bed sores.

How to make the heels suspended?

Based on the nurses’ and doctors’ recommendations and professional experience, along with some documents on this kind of issue, we found several key points worth noticing.

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There are different ways to make the heels high away from the bed surface, and the most commonly seen stuff are soft pillows or foam cushions. Such stuff will make the calf and shank a little high than the surface of the bed. And this method applies to patients who are in the early stage of pressure sores.

In this way, I’d like to recommend pillows for elevating legs. For instance, Fanwer’s wedge pillow for leg elevation can help users out. However, caregivers should remove the pillow for a specific period of time to keep good blood circulation of wearers’ feet.

The other way is to use the foot pillows for pressure sores on the market, the heel off-loading device or heel rising devices. This method applies to severe pressure sores.

The most commonly seen on the market are these 3 types of products.

  • Latex-free heel cushions for pressure soreson medical grade;   
  • Cotton-based heel cushion protector pillow;
  • Air-based foot pillows for heels;

The caregiver needs to periodically remove the heel pillows and check the skin condition in the wearers' feet.

As a matter of fact, the nurses we talked with don’t recommend using the cotton ring heel cushions, because the high pressure produced by the pad edges can damage our skin tissue.

Thus, in this article, we will list some of the best foot pillows for pressure sores in 2023 based on our knowledge.

Best foot pillows for pressure sores in 2023

1.Blue heel cushion protector pillow by Fanwer

This is one of the best plush foot pillow heel protectors. As a matter of fact, Fanwer has two products with different colors - the blue one and the gray one. The first one that we are right now reading is a blue one, you can also visit their website to check on the gray heel cushion protector pillow.

This heel pressure sore cushion is made of cotton filler which has resilient elasticity. Thus, it is not so easy for it to become deformed. What’s more, the soft surface of the material is skin-friendly and it seems it is kissing the skin of the users.

Moreover, the product is a compressible and lightweight one, thus users can reduce the volume of the item very easily, making it more portable and more convenient to transport. The outer design is conformed to the ergonomic design theory because it fits perfectly with the feet shape. The velcro design makes the usage more friendly, plus its adjustable properties, users can choose the right length of the extended area of the item. A nice point is that we can throw it into the washing machine, so the cleaning work will be automatic.  

But the best part lies in its functions. This foot pillow heel protector can help relieve and protect users’ heels, ankles, and feet from ailments.   

One of the product reviewers on Amazon used to demonstrate the item to buyers on Amazon, just as the one down below. The inner part, based on the video clip, is produced by something similar to a mess structure. We can check the video out from its official Youtube channel.

2. DMI heel cushion protector pillow

DMI is also a famous brand in the field of caregiving and health care. The outstanding special features based on its own description are:

  • Eases pain and soreness;
  • Promotes healing;
  • Machine washable;
  • Provides a better night’s rest;

However, the material of this heel cushion protector pillow is not a fluffy one. Maybe this is because the material of this pillow is polyester. But this also means that it’s a comfortable feet cushion because users can use it for a long time without irritation.

But the functions of this pillow are the same as the one we mentioned above. It can absorb the outer force and impact, but it also keeps comfort at the same time.

The outer layer that we can see is smooth, and the texture of the merch is breathable, so the users will not feel hot or sultry when it is summer.

This product is highly similar to the one we mentioned, the way to keep a tight loop for two pieces is by using velcro straps. The straps can make the whole item tight and comfortable.  

We check the review contents on its amazon product page, finding that the overall ratings of this product are above 4 stars, which means that this product is a trustworthy item.

3. NYOrtho heel protector cushion

Slightly different from the two items we listed above, this foot pillow heel protector has got the functionof cooling due to its material. It is more likely a boot heel protector cushion.

There’re 3 colors available in NYOrtho’s amazon store, but the fabric is the same - velvet. From the outer appearance, we can see this item has two velcro straps, one more than previously listed 2 similar items.

The product producer claims that by using this item, users can enjoy zero pressure on their ankles and heels because the total design of the air cavity provides more air circulation and blood circulation to ease heel ulcers. What’s more, the super soft velvet helps protect the skin bruise caused by the friction between the skin on the feet and the material itself.

In a nutshell, this product is comprehensively qualified and great. After all, the NYOrtho is a brand dedicated to producing products on body positioning, pressure relief, and safety. Thus, this item produced by this American brand is suitable for nursing at homes, in hospitals, in rehabilitation centers, in clinics, etc.

Product features:

  • Premium velvet material;
  • Multiple sizes for different users;
  • Removal gel pack;
  • Adjustable straps;
  • Doctors recommended;

Overally speaking, this item is suitable for Alzheimer’s patients, bedridden, disabled, hemiplegias, etc.

4. Skil-care triple ply heel protector

This foot pillow for heels is manufactured by Skil-care, an American corporation. It is designed uniquely because there are 3 total layers of high-pile synthetic sheepskin under the very important pressure point of users’ heels. It brings constant pressure alleviation to the users.

What’s more, this foot pillow is washable. Users can throw the pair into the washing machine, and the washing machine will do the rest. This conforms to its descriptions on amazon - “can be laundered”.

The material, we’ve reviewed already, is synthetic sheepskin of three layers. Thus, the side vents enhance the airflow ability. This is extremely useful in summer because the weather is hot. This cooling feature can relieve the stuffiness of the user.

At the same time, the hook and loop closure can provide a comfortable fit to the heel and ankle.

Most importantly, this item is sold in pairs.

Product specs:

  • 08 ounces;
  • 26 x 4.76 x 2.91 inches;

5. Ehucon heel protectors for pressure sores

This heel pad for pressure ulcers is ideal for healing therapy of heel pain and ankle injury, and it is for adults. The overall style of this product cover is clathrate with 2 straps. The two straps can keep users’ foot firm and comfortable within the pillow.

It is right for pressure sore relief and heel protection agaist rotting flesh and sores at the heel part. The ergonomic design of the wrapped cushion can keep the heel away from the bedding or bedclothes.

What’s more about this item is that it has two kinds of hardness filling inside the heel protectors. The soft one is suitable for those whose skin is sensitive, and the rebound-filling one can create outstanding support, just as the shoe forming does. What’s more, the material or the fabric of this item is breathable, the patients can wear it all night long without too much discomfort.

What is amazing, this heel elevation pillow is reusable and can be easily cleaned. If using a washing machine, the highest temperature of the water can be 60 degrees.

The way of using the item is also simple. Unpack from the vacuume package first, flip over inside out, press the bottom in opposite direction, repeat a few times, slap the fiber surface to restore its resilience, flip over inside out to restore proper shape, and lastly, restore its proper shape. That’s why we say that it can be reused multiple times.

6. McKesson heel protector boot

The McKesson heel protector boot cushion pillow is a great solution for anyone in need of extra protection and comfort for their feet.

The protective boot is designed to cushion and protect your heel, helping to reduce pressure and absorb impact.

The cushion pillow provides additional comfort and support for your heel, helping to reduce the risk of injury and strain. With its lightweight design and superior comfort and protection, the Mckesson heel pillow boot is sure to become an essential part of your footwear.

The foam used on a heel poillow boot protector provides a number of benefits, including increased comfort and support. The foam helps to absorb shock and reduce impact, reducing the risk of injury and strain. The soft cushioning also adds a layer of protection between your foot and the hard surface of the boot, helping to reduce fatigue. Additionally, the use of foam helps to provide better airflow and breathability, helping your feet to stay cool and comfortable.

The hook-and-loop closure system of the heel boot protector pillow provides a variety of ways to securely fit the boot. This system allows for adjustable tension and a snug fit, ensuring that the boot is securely attached to your foot. The closure also allows for easy on and off, allowing you to quickly put on and take off the boot as needed. The hook-and-loop system also helps to prevent slipping, keeping the protector in place for added security and stability.

7. Buyockss upgrade heel protector

First of all, we notice that these foot pillows for heels are made of polyester and cotton. Here, you need to know the pros and cons of this specific material. Both the polyester and cotton materials are lightweight and breathable, allowing for superior air circulation and comfort. They are also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, providing extra protection and support.

Cotton is also soft and comfortable against the skin, providing extra comfort and cushioning. Additionally, polyester is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, helping to keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day.

Made of these materials, this pillow can protect ankles and heels from skin irritation, friction burns, and pressure redistribution as well.

The 2 enhanced closure straps can fit most human feet size, and keep the position neatly steady. The two pieces of items is made from thick quilted polyester fill for comfort and protection with a soft velour outer fabric. What is nicer, it is useful for preventing tissue breakdown and helps protect users’ feet from ulcers, pressure sores, or even bed sores.

8. EZ assistive heel protectors for healing therapy

EZ assistive, a business of medical and health care assistive devices, produced many items on health and care, just as they claimed to redefine the rehabilitation assistive products with a pleasant experience in the process of use.

Similar to the previous item, this assistive heel protector is also listed here as the top or best foot pillows for pressure sores and bed sores in 2023.

The straps can be held tight together with adjustable double velcro straps. And the open design of the whole product can remove pressure induced to the ankle, help suspend the heel and ankle in the air, avoid tight contact with the bedding, and enhance the healing speed.

As to the using method, users shoulder check the product first, reverse press to flip it, turn the heel protector inside out, place the feet rest on the dark grey side over the opening, check the ankle part properly, and lastly tighten with the straps and clip the velcro.  

In a nutshell, this pillow heel protector has following characteristics:

  • Machine washable;
  • Skin-friendly for it’s made of home textile fabric;
  • Double velcro straps;
  • Heel opening;
  • High rebounce fiber support foam;

9. NYOrtho wedge pressure relieving heel protector

As a matter of fact, the brand of NYOrtho on Amazon has several different types of heel protectors, while the one we’re talking about right now is slightly different. This heel protector cushion has a wedge-shaped side-and-bottom pillow.

Like many specialized medical undertakers in the market, MYOrtho is also a manufacturer of standard and custom medical products.

The special type manufactured by NYOrtho has an integrated wedge off-loading heel float for wounds or bed sores. The pending sides-down and open-door design is already registered as a patent and the design allows easier monitor the wounded spot. Suspended in the air, the heel part becomes less vulnerable to ulcers or pressure sores.

It combines craftsmanship and innovation together, providing accessible and easy monitoring of the wounded position. Meanwhile, high-performance fabrics promote and maintain a clean healing surface.

What’s more, the closing straps can make the feet steady and tight in the pillow, and the wedge keeps the heel in place in case of any slippery. Thus, this product is extremely user-friendly to bedridden users.

10. Sage prevalon heel protector

Perhaps this is the most compact and tight heel cushion protector pillow which keeps users’ feet in neutral positions.

These heel cushions for pressure sores can keep the foot in an uprightly neutral position to avoid plantar flexion contracture. With wedge-shaped stuff outside of the boot, users can also keep the lateral foot and leg rotation impossible.

Meanwhile, the adjustable straps ensure security for the legs no matter what size they are. Made of nylon, the low-friction material makes users easy to move around. What is convenient, this pillow can be washed just with a damp wash cloth, which means that we don’t have to throw it in a washing machine.

Based on the customer reviews on amazon, this product’s accessories have to be bought separately as well.


These items are our hand-picked best foot pillows for pressure sores in 2023. If you’ve got faimily members or neighbors suffering from ulcers and pains on the heel or ankle, maybe these listed items are right for you to consider.

Most of these items are produced with soft and comfortable material, leaving a nice and cozy place for the ankle and heel. So the sufferers can alleviate themselves from heel pain and outer ulcers.

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