Fanwer-We Focus On The Great Elderly-Care Brand.

Fanwer-We Focus On The Great Elderly-Care Brand.

Nowadays, the health care topics have been the hot topics among the eldery groups. The good conditions of bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming are very essential to eldery seniors. However, we think, most of seniors are not satisfied with the 4 parts, especially to the seniors who have Arthritis, Shoulder Pain or Back Injury and Surgery etc due to no convenient tools.

Fanwer, which concentrates on personal health care in seniors will help our customers to solve these problems.

Our Toilet Assisted Tools, the humanized design with 15 cm's long makes the wipe super easily. After using it, you just push the button and the tissue is released, no touching the tissue, sanitary disposal. Simple-to-use and easy-to-clean.

Maybe you will consider about the comfortness of this tool, the combination are solid plastic and rubber to provide long-term strength and use. The item contains 2 sets, one is for household, the other one is for travelling. When you travel, we will offer a bag to carry it, very convenient.

If you would like to learn more about the product, just click the picture or check the item on Amazon

In the second part, we will share some experiences related to personal health care, the five experiences are shared from Comfort Home Care


An in-home care professional can help seniors with all manner of personal grooming related tasks.


Bathing assistance is included in personal care—spanning from sponge baths for seniors who are less mobile, to supervision in the shower or bathtub to ensure their safety. 


Safety is the highest priority as aging seniors who are struggling with mobility are more likely to be susceptible to injury should a fall or other accident occur.


When necessary, an in-home care professional can prepare meals and feed seniors who are otherwise unable to feed themselves in a manner that promotes the dignity and respect that each individual is entitled to.

5.Toileting/Continence Care

Attending to daily toileting needs or providing continence care is critical. Toileting needs may range from supervision to helping seniors during the entire toileting process. Should continence care be needed, then an in-home care professional can ensure that needs are met in a sanitary manner.


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