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31.5" Inch Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn

31.5" Inch Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn

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  • Enjoy a better life by putting on shoes on your own - the 31.5'' inch extra long handled shoe horn for elderly, seniors or disabled, is designed for easy and fast shoe fitting. As one of the most important dressing aids items, this 31.5 inche extra long metal shoe horn is suitable for users to put on shoes on their own. It helps users decrease bending over, relieve back pain or waist restrains.
  • Body-friendly design - Simpler than the premium metal shoe horn with long handle, this long handled shoe horn features simplicity, comfort, easy gripping, and ernogomics.  handles for easy maneuvering and control. Each edge is finished with a smooth rounded edge to prevent scuffing of shoes, socks, or skin.
  • Firm extended shoehorn - The whole body of this extra long handle shoe horn is made of high-quality stainless steel. Thus, it is resilient but firmly forged. Measuring 31.5” in length. the shoe horn is much longer than common shoe horns. Thus, it is good for various users with different heights and using occassions. 
  • The perfect gift - The appearance of this premium long handled shoe horn is astonishing. It is a perfect present for elderly, seniors, pregnant women, or users suffering from arthritis or back pain. Though it is economical, but it is really suitable for sneakers, athletic shoes, or boots.

31.5'' inch extra long handled shoe horn for elderly, seniors or disabled, shoe with shoe horn

  • EASY storage- The hole at the handle position is designed to hang in any place, such as on the wall or on a hanging board. Meanwhile, users can use decorative cords to thread throught the hole to make a circle for convenient hanging.
  • Target users -  this extra long handled shoe horn is right for tall people, the elderly, pregnant women, users suffered from lower back pain, the arthritis sufferers or those undergo hip replacement surgery.
  • Selling points - the selling points of this product contain polished stainless steel, grip handle for easy gripping, smooth edges, curved ergonimic design style, extra long and easy storage.
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