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Fanwer Button Hook Tool for Seniors

Fanwer Button Hook Tool for Seniors

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  • Button clothes easily: Fanwer button hook tool for seniors with a zipper hook puller is designed to help users to hook around various buttons - the small button, medium-sized button, and large round buttons. This button hook tool for dressing aids makes it easy for users to drag buttons through dresses, shirts, and collars' button holes and then button them tight and easily.
  • Soft grip with an easy output of strength: Fanwer's button hooking device for the elderly has a rubber-made material with long teeth ribbing design which is more likely the sawteeth. Thus it can increase the friction force and decrease the slippery of hands due to wet or sweating hands. It gives the users more control over the strength with a more comfortable using experience. 
  • Snag-free wire loop: The steel wire loop is slim and small, but it is durable. The users can grip the handle and easily slide the light-weighted steel loop through buttonholes. What's more, though the wire lop is made of steel, there's not even a single piece of barbed thorn to damage the clothing material, which means, the loop is smooth and sound. The wire loop narrows at the tip to lock the button in place, making pulling it through the buttonhole easily into most zipper pulls for releasing its functionalities to its full extent.
  • Minimum strength, big convenience: These button aids tools are small but powerful in their functions. For seniors, the elderly, the disabled, or the main user groups, those suffering from arthritis, they can spend minimum strength to solve the zipping and unzipping button or unbuttoning small tasks without the need of asking other's assistance. The big convenience the product brings makes the users regain their dignity and confidence. 
  • Multiple using cases: These button hook tools are small, thus it is convenient for the users to collect and put away. Users can keep several of these at home, bring 1 or 2 in their own pockets, or take one of these on the travel or journey.  

button hook tool for seniors with zipper hook for seniors and arthritis, the button hook tool with a cup of coffee

button hook tool for seniors with zipper hook for seniors and arthritis, someone is using the button hook tool

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