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Fanwer Dressing Aid for Socks & Pants

Fanwer Dressing Aid for Socks & Pants

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  • Adjustable sock assist tool: Made of premium quality plastic, this sock slider is a type of accessory that easily moves up the leg of a person's pants or socks. At the bottom of the sock assist tool, there is a non-slip grip with a spring-loaded button. It is a typical dressing aids tool for seniors, the elderly, and other users restrained by physical problems.

  • Pants dressing aid: This pants dressing aid has a clip and strap system. Its length is adjustable - from 26 inches to 41 inches. The using steps are simple, just use the clip to fix the pants, and then pull the pants until the upper part of the pants reaches the waist part. As a mobility aids as well, this magic tool makes users avoid bending or twisting their bodies. 

  • Applicable scope: This product is ideal for pulling up underwear, pants, boxers, or even skirts. It is suitable for those who are restrained by limited movements, such as arthritis, or disabled. Meanwhile, it is also perfect for pregnant women, those who are suffering from pain due to surgery, pain, or other mobility problems. 

  • Various socks: The dressing aids for socks are suitable for normal socks, low to medium-compression socks, and stockings. It's definitely a great sock donner.

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