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Fanwer Long-Handle Shoe Horn Dressing Stick Sock Remover

Fanwer Long-Handle Shoe Horn Dressing Stick Sock Remover

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  • Feel the effects: Fanwer long-handle shoe horn dressing stick sock remover for seniors helps users gain independence again;It is an upgraded version of traditional dressing sticks and shoe horns with bolstered functions. It is used to remove socks and shoes from feet and is also handy for other household chores. It is typically used by people who have difficulty walking or standing. Thus, this magic tool is a great dressing aids tool. 
  • Great customer experience: This magic product for mobility aids tool for seniors, the elderly, the disabled, or those suffering from certain pains that restrict their motion ability. This dressing stick is an intelligent design. On one end, users can insert the end into a shoe. The other end has two semi-hook-shaped tools. It can be used to put on clothes or remove socks with hooks. 
  • Special material: The shoe horn dressing stick sock remover can be dismantled in 4 pieces. They are made of sturdy fiber-reinforced ABS plastic. The hardness and the resilience are both performing excellently. 

  • The highlight: This magic tool is easy to assemble. It is also durable, retractable, adjustable, and detachable. Moreover, this product is not that easy to break or to be damaged. There's a hole near the handle part, so users can hang it on the wall or on a hook. 

  • Target users: This dressing aid tool is ideal for the elderly, disabled, seniors, and handicapped. It can help those suffering from partial pain or restrains due to problems like Parkinson's symptoms or arthritis.  
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