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Fanwer Shoulder Pulley for Physical Therapy & Shoulder Pulley Workout & Shoulder Rehab

Fanwer Shoulder Pulley for Physical Therapy & Shoulder Pulley Workout & Shoulder Rehab

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  • Recover shoulder discomfort: Fanwer shoulder pulley for physical therapy and shoulder pulley workout tool is right for shoulder rehab or rotator cuff exercises. As an exercising physical therapy equipment, this physical therapy pulley system can help users regain flexibility and mobility on the whole upper limb area.
  • Multi-angle Exercises: Users can use it to assist in all aspects of shoulder movement, thereby improving shoulder circulation, flexibility and increasing range of motion. It is suitable for clinical treatment on scapulohumeral periarthritis, rotator cuff injury and other diseases. This is the therapist's choice shoulder pulley over the door in many countries.

  • Meet the requirements of multiple exercise modes:  This overhead pulley system physical therapy can help users exercise in 360-degree exercise, such as improving shoulder joint extension training, flexion training, abduction training, external rotation training, and internal rotation training.

  • Multiple users targeted: This product is for the elderly and seniors whose bodies are a little fragile not as what they were when they young. This product is also suitable for those who work at desk for a long time, resulting in stiff upper limbs, and for those who bow their heads playing mobile phones for a long time and resulting in cervical spine stiffness.

  • Various exercising gestures: Users can use this for exercises with different gestures, for instance, users can do exercises when standing, sitting, facing the door or back against the door. But the body parts that's trained are different.
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