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Fanwer Stainless Steel Shoe Horn for Elderly

Fanwer Stainless Steel Shoe Horn for Elderly

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  • 【Twist and interlocking:】Users can twist Fanwer stainless steel shoe horn for elderly, seniors with long handle made with high-quality metal, to lock the telescopic shoe horn's handle. Its length can be adjusted between 16" and 31" to meet the requirements of various users.
  • 【Premium material:】The shoespoon is made of high quality stainless steel, which is resilient and will not be easily cracked. This premium material determins the durability of this superb dressing aids;
  • 【Spring increase flexibility:】There is a spring between the shoe end and the handle part. The showhorn can be put into the shoes from different angles to guide your feet to fit in the shoes, no matter with a sitting position or a standing gesture. 
  • Fits for extensive cutomers:】The stainless steel made long handle shoe horn's length can be extended and retracted. It can be used by adults, kids, and children. In particular, it is suitable for the elderly, seniors, pregnant women, the disabled, and those suffering from body aches, back pain, arthritis and other symtoms that makes the body difficult to bend. It is also a perfect mobility aids tool for these users. 

  • 【Good for travel:】The portable shoe horn can be retracted to 16 inches, thus it can be easily put away and stored into a luggage for a happy travel experience. 

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