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Fanwer Toilet Aids for Wiping, a Toilet Assist Tongs for Elderly & Obese, a Long Reach Comfort Wipe

Fanwer Toilet Aids for Wiping, a Toilet Assist Tongs for Elderly & Obese, a Long Reach Comfort Wipe

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  • Important aid. Fanwer toilet aids for wiping are designed to help people that have difficulties in bending, turning, and reaching out to get stuff. Similar to toilet assist tongs but made of rubber and plastic, this toilet wiping aids tool made by Fanwer can help the elderly, obese, and arthritis. This toilet aids tool for cleaning buttocks allow the user to be more self-sufficient in and around their own homes. It allows individuals to complete the wiping action safely and effectively with dignity. Then the users can also spare those giving him/her a hand. 
  • Premium material. This essential toileting wiping aid is made of a combination of solid plastic and rubber. This kind of material can provide long-term strength and durability to the item itself. What's more, the wand's end that contact with the anus is cushioned and soft. Thus, the flexible part is extremely skin-friendly to any user, adding extra comfort to users. 
  • Sweet design. This toileting wiping aid wand features an ergonomic curve to help those who have a limited range of motion that need mobility aids in the toilet. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and use, while the 14-inch length effectively extends the user’s reach when wiping from either the front or back. Moreover, the wand sticks to the curve of human bodies, especially the lower part of human beings, especially for those having limited moving abilities. 
  • Enhanced self-esteem. There are an increasing number of people that need assistance wiping due to limited arm and upper body mobility resulting from an accident, surgery, stroke, or other debilitating condition. This aid tool is ideal for anyone who needs assistance but does not prefers hands from others. the fanwer self-assist toilet aid tool is a toilet wiping aid, specifically created for those who lack upper body movement for the sake of aging, condition, or recovering from surgery or operation. It is difficult for such individuals to twist and turn.
  • Easy usage. The steps of using this wand are also easy. First, users should insert a few sheets of toilet tissue or pre-moistened toilet wipes into the soft, flexible dent of the toilet aid. This cushioned end holds toilet paper, tissues, or wipes firmly for comfortable wiping. After usage, just press the button connected with springs, then the tissue can be released by dropping it into the toilet or the bin. Afterwards, wash the end that holds the tissues with running water. Just this easy. 
  • More sales channels. This toileting wiping aids tool is sold not only on our Shopify store, but also on our Amazon store.

Usage steps:

  • Wrap toilet paper in the head of the toileting wand for wiping
  • Put the excess paper into the dent on the head of the tool   
  • After using the toilet, use the tool to wipe the anus
  • After wiping, press the top button of the tool with a spring
  • The groove bulged and the paper slipped
  • The top button can release the toilet paper quickly
  • Wash the toilet aids for wiping
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