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Fanwer Wheelchair Straps and Harness

Fanwer Wheelchair Straps and Harness

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  • Extendable belt: Fanwer wheelchair straps and harness can be adjusted and extended to the length that fits well the patient on the wheelchair. With a metal buckle, the wheelchair belts and straps combo makes the patient tight on the chair.

  • Specific users: As a transfer aids family member, this padded wheelchair seatbelt is right for those suffering from cramps, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's or other problems due to disabilities.

  • Air permeable: The fabric of the item has a great air permeability, making it comfortable for patients in hot days.

  • Warmhearted design: the front of this harness for wheelchair has a small pocket, so the patients can put their small items such as keys, cards, mobile phones in it. It increases users' convenience greatly.

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