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Long Shoe Horn with Adjustable Handle

Long Shoe Horn with Adjustable Handle

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  • Adjustable handle: Fanwer's long shoe horn with adjustable handle is retractable. The length of the handle part is in the range of 12.2"-25.6" to fit users' heights. Thus, users can use this shoe horn by extending or contracting the handle's height in line with their own. The users don't have to bend over, squat, or even sit down on something to put on and take off shoes. 
  • High-quality raw materials: Fanwer uses solid and compact stainless steel to forge the long shoe horn. Thus, quality, durability, and sustainability are guaranteed. Moreover, the metal shoe horn never gets rusty because of the nature of its material. 
  • Travel buddy: Because the handle of the long shoe horn can be adjusted, it can be retracted to a shorter size. Plus, this product is light-weighted and carryable, the elderly, seniors, children or even the disabled can bring it on by themselves. It's a good friend for these seniors on their travel and journey. All of the item's properties make it a good dressing aids

long shoe horn with adjustable handle, group of users

  • Exquisite workmanship: After you get this long shoe horn, you will find it without any sharp blazes. Thus the users can slide their feet into their shoes along the groove of the shoe spoon without damaging or cutting the inner part of their shoe bottom. Moreover, the design style is based on ergonomic science, thus all the normal angles can be used properly and comfortably. 
  • A good gift: You don't want to put off your shoes with your own hands, especially after sports. Maybe the internal part of the shoes is smelly. Thus, this product fits elegant user groups. What's more, as a mobility aids tool for users, you can purchase this product and give it out as a gift to your friends, family members, seniors, pregnant women, etc. 

long shoe horn with adjustable handle, comparison of bending over or not

long shoe horn with adjustable handle, long shoe horn with shoes

long shoe horn with adjustable handle, adjustable handlelong shoe horn with adjustable handle, metal details of the shoespoon

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