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Portholic Silicone Finger Strengthener & Stretcher

Portholic Silicone Finger Strengthener & Stretcher

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The portholic silicone finger strengthener & stretcher for grip strength trainer is designed to help strengthen the muscles in hands and improve  overall grip strength. It can be used by anyone from athletes to musicians, and it can even help those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

    Product features:

    • The finger stretch band along with the wrist band help Improve the strength and dexterity on the hands and fingers, making itself one of the best hand & finger exercisers;
    • This finger exerciser and hand strengther makes wrist and finger exercises easy and flexible, due to its increased range of motion;
    • It helps reduce finger stiffness and increase hand flexibility, and improves overall coordination and dexterity. It's especially useful to arthritis hands and frozen fingers; 
    • More comfortable and ergonomic grip is ideal for rubber band exercises of wrist, finger and hand; 
    • The material of the portholic finger stretcher is premium silicone, lightweight, portable and it's soft and comfortable to the skin as well. What's more, the hand grip strengthener finger exerciser is not easy to deform due to the resilience. Due to its durablity, it is sturdy and compact to wear.

    Product specs:

    • Net weight: 24g
    • Material: Food grade silicone
    • Color: black/blue/light gray
    • Classification: silicone rally
    • Color: gray (small intensity), blue (medium intensity), black (high intensity)

    Size information:

    • 2cm * 5.5cm * 9cm;

    Packing list :

    Silicone Finger Puller*1

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