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Stress Ball on Adjustable String

Stress Ball on Adjustable String

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  • Adjustable string: The stress ball on adjustable string has an attached strap that is adjustable. Users can tether the wrist or palm to the ball for more convenient use. Moreover, users don't have to worry about ball dropping or falling; 
  • Ergonomic design: The wave-shaped finger separation design can assist the fingers to be placed in the proper position on the stress ball.  Users can grip the exercise ball using different fingers for training and rehabilitation; 
  • Rehab helper: as one of the most commonly used hand & finger exercisers, this hand therapy exercise ball can be used as a stress ball for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis rehabilitation, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress reduction, stroke recovery, blood circulation improvements, finger & hand strength enhancer, trigger finger stiffness, hand numbness, wrist pain, and more other symptoms; 
  • Portable exerciser: made of PU foam without odor or latex, this squeeze stress ball for hands and fingers is light weighted and easy to put away. Unlike those commonly seen squishy handballs, this one has an anti-slip surface with embossments; 

Stress ball on adjustable string, don'ts demo

  • Multiple training methods: multiple training and rehab gripping methods can be applied to this item - all hand pinch, table roll, power grip, finger flexion, finger squeeze, and other actions; 
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