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Zipper Hook Puller by Fanwer

Zipper Hook Puller by Fanwer

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The zipper hook puller by Fanwer for arthritis, seniors, the elderly, and the disabled makes buttoning clothing hassle-free. It is great for groups of people with limited dexterity and motion. Meanwhile, it is also ideal for those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel pants jackets, or other clothing

  • Button clothes easily– This subtly well-designed zipper hook puller is effective on various zippers, small ones, medium ones, and large ones round. The fine product makes it easy for seniors, arthritis, the elderly, or even disabled users to pull buttons through dresses, shirts, and collars, and more freely and naturally.
  • Easily Gripped Handle– The zipper hook pulling dressing aids feature a rubber cushioned and slip-resistant handle, providing users more control in dressing by themselves. The product can make them regain confidence and independence, which is much more important to an aged user. The product is a fine mobility aids tool, to increase the movement rages of a user. 
  • The wipe loop design;-- The slim wire loop is made of steel, thus it is durable compared with the rubber zipper pullers. Users can make use of this subtly designed dressing aid gear to slide the button easily through the buttonholes on any of the clothing materials, without snagging the fabric on the apparel itself. Moreover, the wire loop has got a streamlined shape, making the sliding through process smoothy. 
  • Light strength, big aid– Although the zipper hook pulling assistive equipment is light weight, it provides big aid to seniors, the elderly, the disabled, and those who've been suffering from arthritis. It helps the users regain independence and mobility (fully or partially). It is one of the most powerful adaptive equipment as well. 
  • Travel essential– If users go out for a travel, they can bring this tiny but powerful dressing aid stuff. It won't take up too much space in the pocket or suitcase. Furthermore, this tiny little thing is applicable to shirts, coats, jeans, and sweaters with buttons and zippers. 


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