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the Most Correct Way of Butt Wiping after Pooping

Pooping, this very important national sport, we do it almost every day. And as important as pooping, a lot of people don't do it right or even at all. Since ancient times, people have spent a lot of paper towels, water, fingers, newspapers, tiles, leaves, bamboo, and sticks, but still can not wipe the bottom clean. In the article of the history of wiping butt before modern toilet paper invented, we know the funny history of cleaning bottoms after throwing away trash from our bodies.

Sacrifice a piece of toilet paper and make your chrysanthemum happy. Yeah, that's how great toilet paper is. The obese and the disabled can also use toilet rolls to wipe their asses via certain toilet aids, for instance, fanwer self wipe toilet aid, fanwer toilet aids for wiping, fanwer bottom boddy toilet wipe aid, Fanwer toileting wand for wiping, or even toilet aids for disabled, elderly, obese, and more people with restrained motion range to clean up themselves.

Even the moment we take off our open-backed pants, we learn the third most common daily skill in life: wiping our own asses. But have you ever thought about what's the right way to wipe your ass? What can I do to make the chrysanthemum happy? What do you do to deserve the toilet paper you silently give away every day? 

In this article, I’d like to share with you the most correct way of butt wiping after pooping.

Why do we have to wipe asses after pooping?


the Most Correct Way of Butt Wiping after Pooping, choclate

Human beings as advanced creatures evolved a way to walk upright in history. Walking is often supported by the gluteus maximus muscle, which leads directly to our chrysanthemums  tightly wrapped around these two muscles (the photo above contains 4 rabbits with the abstract image of an anus. To be honest, that is a piece of chocolate).

There are similarities in the structure of the anus, which serves as an exit, and the mouth, or lip. Inside the anal orifice is the mucous membrane (similar to the oral mucosa), and outside is the skin (like the perioral skin). Around the anus, there are many apocrine glands and hair, which can secrete sweat.

Because the location is more secret, the chrysanthemum part sees less light, and poor ventilation, all year round in the humid and stuffy environment, but also needs to face a few times a day to a few days once the opening of the excrement process.

The anal mucous membrane is surrounded by muscle groups (anal internal and external sphincter). The pulling effect of muscle contraction keeps the anus closed at normal times. When it is relaxed, the exit will be opened.

And there are a lot of folds around the chrysanthemums. It's encased inwards, thus It is much easier to collect dirt and bacteria.

If not cleaned in time, after a long time period, it may cause perianal burning pain, abscess, or even worse result in the anal fistula. How miserable the anal fistula is, I don’t think I need to explain more to you. While The ancients were also aware of these problems, so they cleaned this area by trying a lot of effort.

Again, the method of erasure and wiping is also important. If the method is wrong, it may also appear that the wiping bleeding is not clean. If the stimulation is too great, and you happen to be a young man with hemorrhoids, then you can easily get bloody.

Why is it so hard to clean the anus?

In such a chrysanthemum structure, if the excrement is stripped, dry, and does not stick to the wall, then the chrysanthemum shrinkage should be cleaned in a small circle. In theory, a piece of paper will do the trick (if it doesn't break), as Jackie Chan famously put it.

However, most of the time the stool is soft, easy to break, and sticky, will be like putty when it slides out evenly or unevenly attached to the place it passes, including the stretch of the fold and the surrounding branch hair. Finally, because it is not dropped in time, there may be a small remnant sticking to other places with the closure of the anus, just like the lipstick zipped, leaving traces everywhere, which brings great trouble to the cleaning work. Not only to clean up the center of the small circle, but also to retract the wrinkles in and on the side of the hair clean, grasp the bad may also touch the hand, increasing some trouble and a lot of emotions.

Not to mention when diarrhea, stool like a frangeria when the anus is opened or spitting out water like gargling, splashing everywhere, dots or rivers.

As you get older, there is a great possibility of hemorrhoids this very common pathological changes, internal hemorrhoids prolapse, and external hemorrhoids skin tags will lead to folds and gaps becoming more. If there are some vegetable bumps, it will increase the difficulty of cleaning.

If the cleaning work is not done well, the smell is small, and waste underwear is not a problem, but these residual feces on the chrysanthemum delicate mucous membrane and skin damage, may cause local skin itching, dermatitis, and even aggravate hemorrhoids or other perianal diseases. Not only affects physical health, but also brings an indescribable psychological burden.

What happens when you shave the annoying anal set off?

Although feces will remain in the chrysanthemum with or without anal hair, the presence of anal hair, because of the obstruction of anal hair, may aggravate the condition to some extent. So what, one wonders, is this annoying anal hair for, other than keeping poop out? According to the theory of evolution, when human ancestors were animals, they had hair all over their bodies to keep them warm, and the anal area was no exception. But as they evolved, the hair fell out, and the anal hair became confined to the chrysanthemum. Some people retain some anal hair, and others don't because of a genetic predisposition.

Some of the remaining anal hair has a weak function. The first is to reduce the direct friction of the perianal tissue. The skin of the anal area is very sensitive and delicate. If there is no anal hair, the two buttocks and eggs will squeeze hard to rub. Itching is just a small thing. Second, anal hair can block the invasion of external bacteria to a certain extent, similar to the effect of nose hair. When external bacteria, microorganisms and some fine dust fall into the perianal area, it is difficult for these dirty things to enter the intestine under the barrier of anal hair, so as to maintain the health of the body. Finally, the anal hair can play a certain role in cooling and dehumidifying the perianal area. The perianal area is not only high temperature, but also relatively humid, and the existence of anal hair, can effectively block moisture in the outer layer of anal hair, and help the rapid dissipation of sweat.

Some people do not believe this evil, but shaving anal hair is feasible. They believe that after shaving it, they will lose the hair barrier, and their chrysanthemum hard friction. It is estimated that it will hurt and itch, resulting in failing to walk. Also, after the anal hair is shaved, the stubble will dig directly into your delicate skin, which must be very sour. So, the real advice is: you can shave, but you don't have to, it's not a pleasant cleaning!

the most correct way of butt wiping after pooping

Talking about the right way of ass wiping after going to the toilet, we can start with two important steps - choosing the right material to wipe, and the ways of wiping butts.

Step1: Choose the right type of paper to wipe butt

There are many kinds of paper, such as roll paper, draw paper, handkerchief paper, and so on. With different types of paper, you might think it’s just the packaging, but you’d be wrong. Different types of paper have big differences, and the purpose of the paper is also different, paper should not be mixed, wipe your ass paper should not used to wipe your mouth and face, to be honest, you may have been using the wrong over the years!

Today we are going to talk about the difference between paper rolls and paper towels. In daily life, people often don't distinguish between these two kinds of paper towels, thinking that the paper used to wipe the buttocks is the same as the paper used to wipe the mouth. However, according to the relevant regulations of international law, there are two kinds of paper rolls and paper towels.

Toilet paper is divided into parchment paper, flat-cut paper, and so on. It was originally manufactured for web paper, so it is also known as roll paper in life. Roll paper looks no different from paper towels, but from the point of view of health standards, roll paper is mainly used for toilet paper, and is used to wipe buttocks, its health implementation standard is GB20810, the total number of bacterial colonies is less than 600 cfu/g, cfu looks too complicated, That translates to "colony forming unit." This kind of direct water absorption ability is weak, and easily dissolved in water, so it is the most suitable for toilet paper.

And there is a need for science, many people choose tissue paper like primary tissue, most people think that primary tissue is without a bleaching process, such as looks more secure, and the "smell" is green, but the idea is wrong, unbleached paper yellow indeed because without drift, but this does not mean that it is more health and safety, On the contrary, the paper towel is not bleached, so it contains a lot of small molecules of organic matter, and phenols with colors like these are more volatile, which gives it a "healthy taste."

Paper towels are different, divided into paper towels, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, etc. This kind of paper we used to wipe our mouths after eating or wipe our faces, at ordinary times in life we also call it a napkin, although it is not like toilet paper with the word "health", its hygiene standards are far higher and in toilet paper, this paper has a characteristic is high water absorbing capacity, strong flexibility, meet water will not immediately be turned into debris.

So we can often see a lot of businesses take this as a selling point, advertising images are often a piece of paper hand-pulled after being wet by water, how to pull is not bad, but because of this feature, the paper towel to wipe a butt when toilet paper roll is not suitable for it under water after the easy to dissolve and thus cause the toilet jam, so I don't think the toilet to give up tissue paper to wipe.


the Most Correct Way of Butt Wiping after Pooping, toilet roll vs tissue

Toilet paper and tissue paper are different, but also reflect on the raw materials used in the regulations of the state, tissue paper uses the original wood pulp as raw material, the original wood pulp is referred to as the "hand", and has not been used. The material of the toilet paper may use the recycled pulp as raw material, renewable pulp refers to the recovery of various paper products or fibrous material manufactured in the second-hand pulp.

From the perspective of raw materials, the raw materials used in paper towels are much better than toilet paper. After all, it is a first-hand raw material. The raw materials used in toilet paper are mostly recycled paper, which is not sanitary to wipe your mouth or face.

If you are in the habit of using paper towels after going to the toilet, one thing to be aware of is that you should not throw paper towels directly into the toilet, only into the trash can. Tissue paper and toilet paper are different in solubility, tissue paper is thick, and not easily soluble in water, and if thrown into the toilet, easy to cause toilet clogging. Toilet paper is thin and easily dissolves in water. If you throw it in the toilet, it can be quickly dissolved and then flushed down without clogging the toilet.

From a hygiene point of view, although paper towels can be used as toilet paper, it is best to use toilet paper and throw it straight down the toilet. Used toilet paper is bacteria, after use should be thrown directly down the toilet, so as to keep the bathroom clean. Paper towels can not be thrown into the toilet, used up can only be thrown into the paper basket, seemingly sanitary, in fact, it is easy to breed bacteria in the toilet, so it is best to use toilet paper.

Learn to choose! When choosing toilet paper at ordinary times, try not to choose because of cheap, many cheap paper towels do not meet health standards, so we try to choose big brands when buying, compared with big brands are guaranteed and if there are any problems after purchase, it is better to deal with.

Learn to look at the outside layer! When we buy toilet paper, we will look at the product details of toilet paper, look at the production date of toilet paper, product raw materials, the implementation of health standards, and so on, and look for high-quality products on this basis. The main raw materials are wood pulp, grass pulp, waste pulp, and so on, and according to the quality of the division is that wood pulp is greater than grass pulp is greater than waste pulp.

Learn to touch! High-quality paper towels feel more soft and delicate, and more compact, not easy to drop scraps of paper, powder, and so on, with the hand slightly hard pull is not easy to break.

Learn to smell! As asked before mentioned, the paper log smell, it's not the smell of wood, and also does not represent a "healthy", at the same time some paper towel smells good, a lot of people like to wipe your mouth, in fact, the smell of paper towel to wipe their mouths, etc, were sucked into the body can affect the body health, pungent smell of that kind of paper towels is to stay away from.

In our daily life, we can also use wet wipes for emergencies, among which sanitary, baby, hand, and mouth wet wipes can be used to wipe the mouth and buttocks, but can not be thrown into the toilet, cotton pad (face towel) can also be used to wipe the mouth and butts.

If using wet wipes, try to choose sterile, pure water wipes, and avoid using alcohol or other disinfectant ingredients to kill bacteria. Because the female vagina has a natural self-cleaning ability, the use of bactericidal wipes will not only stimulate the mucosa, but also cause the vaginal and urethral area of the flora disorders, but may lead to vaginitis or urethritis.

Paper towels can be seen everywhere in life, but we still have to distinguish their use, choose the paper towels, and use the right, so as to ensure our health, life happiness!

After all, in special circumstances, if we have no toilet roll at hand, maybe we can purchase some disposable compressed towel tablets for convenience, because it can be used as a toilet wiper.

Step2: Choose the right methods of ass wiping

Thinking of butt wiping, I remember an Indian friend told me when I was in Qatar, saying “our left hands have another important job to do”. As a matter of fact, the first time I knew the Indians clean their butts using water if from Russel Peters’ stand-up comedy.

But here I’m not taking you back to the comedy, but if you want to watch it, please go check it out online.

Now, let’s dig some hardcore here - the most scientific way of wiping ass after bowel move.

We have to admit it that wiping ass is a tiny job that needs some skills.

You should know that the wrong way to wipe your butt is one of the important reasons for the attack of hemorrhoids, because 

  • butt wipe is not clean, bacteria hidden in the anus folds for a long time, will make the mucosa inflammatory stimulation, anal burning pain;
  • wipingthe buttocks is too rough, will lead to poor microvascular circulation, easy to induce hemorrhoids.


the Most Correct Way of Butt Wiping after Pooping, folding toilet rolls

But for those of us who are running around, we can't run around holding the toilet seat, so learn to "wipe your ass" is the most real!

After you've chosen the toilet paper and folded it two or more times, let's move on to posture.

First of all, we try to squat, sit and wipe the butt, so as to fully expose the anus, convenient to wipe clean. No matter you are a male or a female, the wiping direction should be from the front to the back side, especially for the female.  


Wipe the relatively clean, fragile urethral and vaginal opening area first, and then wipe the anal area. This will reduce the possibility of anal bacteria being carried forward, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections and vaginitis.

Please refer to this gif for reference (noted: It is from how to use toilet).

the Most Correct Way of Butt Wiping after Pooping, horse tail way of wiping

Using both hands

The right hand has the advantage of the direction of the force. When you use one hand to wipe the ass until you feel the toilet paper is as clean as your hand. But when you change another hand to wipe the same butt, you will find your butt is not as clean as you imagined. Thus, when we wipe our butts, we have to do it with both hands.

Action tips

The right way to wipe an ass is this.

  • Step 1- Gently press the tissue vertically onto the anus;
  • Step 2- Wipe backward to wipe off the remaining chunks of poop;
  • Step 3- Due to more wrinkles around the anus, paper towels gently press on the anus slightly rotation, clean up small feces residue, the action should be gentle!
  • Step 4- Once your butt is completely dry, it's a good idea to check your poop before going to the bathroom for any unusual signs of mucus, blackness, blood, or thinning.

To sum up, the order of wiping butt is to recap, press, wipe, spin and inspect.

It's great to wash and dry your butt after your bowel movement, if you can. If you can't, wet a paper towel and wipe it down.

But even if you wipe carefully, there may be some deep, so don't forget to bathe every day, with a moderate temperature of water to wash the buttocks.

No more than 5-minute toileting

Almost all patients with hemorrhoids have the habit of sitting on the toilet to read books and newspapers. If you can control the stool time within 5 minutes, you can reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids by at least 7 percent. If you can't solve it in 5 minutes, get up and go back an hour later when you feel comfortable. For people in squatting and sitting positions, the anal position is the lowest, under the greatest pressure, rectal veins for a long time congestion, it is easy to form veins to induce hemorrhoids.

Different gestures for men and women recommended

Considering the slightly different structures of men and women, the following are elaborated, the first is a relatively simple male cleaning method:

For men - as a man, you should keep your anus exposed by squatting, sitting, or sticking your butt up. Then relax your perianal muscles and keep your anal open.

Then, reach the manipulator from behind towards the target area. If done from the front of the body, the paper may hit the drooping protrusion on the way back and fold, causing further contamination.

The third step is, in accordance with the medical principles of cleaning and disinfection, is to wipe from the clean area to the contaminated area. Thus, it is possible to wipe from the periphery to the center without splashing. The human finger retraction of the fist is delicate and powerful, which can perform this task perfectly, but the outward expansion is less powerful, and it is difficult to wipe in all directions with one hand.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the relaxed anus as the center of the circle, with the right hand responsible for wiping the left semicircle and the left hand responsible for wiping the right semicircle. If you're gifted or trained enough to do it with one hand, that's awesome.

The fourth step is to repeat the previous step with a tissue until there is no visible naked eye residue. If you have wet toilet paper at home, use it instead to clean out the wrinkles. The softness of dry paper towels is poor, and when forcing open small folds, it is easy to produce mechanical damage to the delicate mucous membrane of chrysanthemum, while wet toilet paper is more soft and changeable, and has better cleaning power for small gaps.

The fifth step for men is to wait a moment, for the chrysanthemum part of the natural air dry can lift pants.

For women - things are a little more complicated. There are vaginal and urethral mouth respectively in front of the chrysanthemum outlet. Women will urinate at the same time when they defecate, and urethral mouth is not protruding out like men, but more hidden, and urine is very easy to splash into the surrounding skin and hair. In order of the degree of susceptibility to infection, urethra > vagina > anal canal and intestinal tract. Therefore, in the front way of cleaning, it is strongly recommended that women wipe from front to back.

When the hand is sent from front to back, not only may the hand not be long enough, but also there may be urine or menstrual blood not wiped clean on the arm, which is slightly inconvenient. Therefore, it is recommended to clean in two areas:

The first area is the urethral opening and vaginal opening area. Urine wipe is relatively simple, with a paper towel in the urethra local press can be dried. If you need to wipe menstrual blood in the menstrual period, from the urethral mouth to the vaginal mouth wipe as well.

The second area, the chrysanthemum area. This part of the cleaning method is similar to the male, with the chrysanthemum as the center, from the periphery to the center of the circle retraction, the same five steps can be carried out.

The above is suitable for most people's chrysanthemum cleaning. If you already have a smart toilet that flushes, dries, and plays music, add the above to your knowledge base. If the chrysanthemum department has a serious disease, the delicate buttocks may not adapt to wiping, but also need to follow the doctor's advice to soak in a medicine bath, cool air dry and wipe with drugs and other advanced care, the above content is to prepare for the small gift after recovery.

Step3: Dont forget to wash hands after wiping your ass

Be sure to wash your hands after wiping your butt. It reduces the risk of infection through harmful bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1 recommends the following steps about handwashing:

  • Wet your hands with clean running water, and use a soap as well.
  • Rub your hands with soap and lather them. Blister on the back of the hands, among the fingers, under the nails and on the palms.
  • Scrub for at least 20 seconds. An easy way to time it is to hum the "Happy Birthday" song twice throughout.
  • Rinse hands thoroughly under clean running water.
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel or let them air dry.


Final Words

We’ve compiled a comparatively comprehensive guide on the most correct way of butt wiping after pooping.

But what about those having difficulties in wiping butts maybe due to obese, aging, or other physical reasons such as arthritis, after surgery, or disabled?

I have to say, the principles we talked about above also apply to these users. The biggest difference between these users lie in one special kind of dressing aids tool. And the toileting aids for disabled, elderly, obese is right for these users.

Issues about toilet are not only about wiping, but there’re other problems may concern about this toilet issue. American brand squatty potty produces toilet stools to help users poop. While we’ve also got the similar products, for instance, fanwer potty stool for pooping, and fanwer wooden toilet stool.

Any there are also equipments in the toilets helping the elderly and seniors get up with handles. You can check these items online by yourselves.  

The buttocks are located in the middle of the human body, which is the key hub for the circulation of the meridians and collaterals in the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is considered that the buttocks are the master switch of the meridians of the body and the bridge connecting the circulation of the Qi and blood of the body and the lower body! Usually must take good care of the buttocks, otherwise it is likely that all kinds of diseases will find you!  

This article has a mysterious smell, and I hope you’re in the toilet room right now, reading this post. I bet you not in the middle of eating.

Many people will ignore the maintenance of the buttocks, not only refers to the maintenance of "chrysanthemum", both should take good care of, after all, compared with other parts of the buttocks, is the most easy to let us ignore the parts!

I hope that from today on, you can learn to wipe your butt correctly, take good care of your butt, and be happy every day.

If you are interested in talking about this issue further, you can share your opinion down below by leaving messages, and we will reply.

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